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Clean Energy

Vegan friendly

WhY cold brew coffee?

Natural energy with a refreshing twist

We are true coffee lovers, always in pursuit of a good cup of coffee. Our mission is to discover and craft new coffee experiences. Cold brew coffee is one of those great, new experiences.
The cold brew process is a refined way of preparing coffee. It is not just cold coffee, but coffee with a well-balanced taste and density, pleasant smoothness and bright natural sweetness. Cold brewed coffee has up to 70% less acidity compared to hot brewed coffee. It is loaded with natural caffeine, good to boost you through the day. Enjoy a premium quality coffee, always ready to go when you are – no barista required.

We love coffee. Good Coffee.

HOW We craft it

Ethically sourced

100% arabica coffee.

Roasted to perfection

Slowly roasted ensures more taste.

Brewed with patience

70% less acidic than hot-brewed coffee.


Filtered twice for less bitterness.

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We are mobile!

Visit our mobile coffee truck and choose from a variety of coffees, teas, flavoured syrups as well as specialty drinks like cold brew coffee, cappuccino, mocha latté, and much more. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we are in Alsemberg, Beersel. On Sundays we’re at the weekly market in Sint-Genesius Rode.

Do you want our barista service on your private party or business event?  Contact us, we are glad to help you out.




Cold Brew and tonic water make a fantastic combination. It sounds weird, yes, but sparkling tonic is a great match for bold cold brew.

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